Late Summer, 2009

Growing up as a privileged American = go to college then get a “real” job in the “real” world.  The seemingly simple yet powerful word, “real”, is strategically placed before job & world as if living any other way would mean you don’t have a real life. I’ve never heard of someone having a fake life, unless they have some sort of alter ego nightlife job or internet persona. This is the mainstream pressure for us generation Y’ers and their are always people that insist on categorizing the different periods of life, as if they are being forced through a pre-designed grid. It seems that most of the folks who casually and consistently joke about their real life becoming are subconsciously self-validating their hasty directional choices in lieu of  real internal conviction. Basically, slapping themselves and each other on the backs with big bold letters that mark them as “REAL“. Meanwhile, their is no time or thought for any true lifestyle evaluations and adjustment, it’s just the same living  behaviors and cycles but dressed up and hidden behind business cards and babies.

free yourself

As I enter the mid 20’s of age, my awareness to the world and life outside myself is gradually increasing. The main issue I have about everything is that the majority of people are still choosing to live for themselves and themselves only. With the National crises of excess waste (in our environment AND on us), all forms of abuse, economic imbalance, ridiculous divorce rates, etc. I think it’s best for young people, especially, to learn from the baggage of generations before us. The cookie-cutter made a cookie that’s crumbling. If there’s time enough to waste on being wasted on alcohol and drugs, put pictures on facebook of every simple social outing, participate in a “fantasy” sports league (which means watching hours of games on end), relentlessly pursuing objects of desire before choosing your own true desire, then their is definitely time for introspection on our relationship with self, others and our world. Followed by a shift in perception, action, and change. What people don’t want to realize is that it will actually make them feel better.


I admire my friends and the people I know who are taking time during this period in our lives to really question life and their purpose in it. By exploring the world within our reach starting with our own hearts and realizing that we all can have a happy home to return to, if not make a new one wherever we please. Some might find these acts to be brave, exciting, and out of the ordinary. But it’s that kind of thinking that keeps things the same. It’s keeping things the same that keeps things the same. Unconventionality is what we need in times of trouble. We need to start building lives, careers, houses, relationships and agriculture made to last. The best way to do that is start building and working when things are not thriving, when the economy is doing poorly…then we know we are making something durable that will stand through this time and live on until we make things better.  People are screaming for help and nobody is listening. If anything, I want to increase my senses of these on a small scale, to work to make my life, my relationships and anyone who may seek my assistance to become more meaningful and progressive….

So it should be clear now, I’m good at venting.

In the words of  one of the most influential and inspirational figures in known history, Mahatma Gandhi:

“We Must Be The Change We Wish To See In The World.”


C. C. K.
Early Spring, 2012

The World is such an interesting place right now. A thing that keep drawing my attention, actually always has, is the weather. When people talk to me about the weather its not just mundane chatter to me – its literally one of my favorite topics of conversation! Climate change, anthropocene, clean energy, sustainability of life, health and love are all continuously important to me.

Change does begin within and then it permeates out. I’ve experienced and will continue, through my practice as an a student acupuncturist especially, to see how my self can effect people toward better health and life. In reference to the world around me, in my original mission statement above I wrote, “If anything, I want to increase my senses of these on a small scale…” Well, mission accomplished. Now I want to work on a big scale and make a big, real, everlasting impact.

That feeling of being “irked” by the real world has not resided. I’ve learned to understand it more and by being productive on my own path I’m not consumed by judgement toward others. However, the awareness level needs to increase with people. The ratio of people who are aware of what’s going on in the world vs not is still unsettling to me. My reference of awareness isn’t referring to politics, war and things like that, although that matters, I’m talking about our life-source Earth, our own personal health, longevity, and “footprint” on it. There are tons of great organizations, individuals, writers, farmers, artists, couples, communities and business’s popping up in my experience whose working aligns with what I believe in, that is certainly acknowledged by me. However, large organizations are in power and  run the show. The only way to retaliate is to go back to ourselves and work with what we have and can.

It’s my wish and supported knowing that more people need to “wake up” and realize that everything they do matters. Chronic stress isn’t cool and doesn’t make you a grown up. Its an epidemic, and the seed of so much disease.  Our choices matter, how we treat each other, our bodies, our homes, our thoughts, our environment. Thanks to the media, I’m guessing, people have a mass inferiority complex to think that our choices don’t matter that much. It’s SO LAME! Blatantly, still irked. It’s okay though – frustration and anger are the flip side to action, determination and vision.

Working with individuals one on one as an acupuncturist is not small scale because each person matters and has power, a right and purpose for being here. When natural health is restored in someone, people start to wake up to whatever that is for them. Each willing person I support will be contributing to the bigger scale of change.

Somewhere in me there’s a leader, an entrepreneur that’s scratching at my insides, looking for opportunity, trying to find it’s position in the world. Over the next couple years, when I’m focused on being a student acupuncturist I expect to be inspired, and humbled by my experiences and am looking forward to the unique people I will get to know.

So my plan remains, and I keep challenging myself to be the change I wish to see. No longer am I going to play down the possibilities of my future on this planet out of unconscious fear. That’s just another version of the kind of attitude that bothers me so much about others (mirrors are everywhere). My love and passion for the world with all of it’s living things is real and strong, there’s no good reason to put a limit on that!

Artwork by Alex Grey




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