Late Summer, 2009

Since first grade, writing for me has been a therapeutic hobby in ways of relaxation, insight, foresight, and personal reference. My documentations which were all inspired by my life situations and relationships have served as reminders of times had, observations of myself/others and lessons earned then learned. Hours writing, equating to days writing have equated to books, books, and more books of my own hand-written personal dramas. Most of which, if not all, I intend on burning and shall be holding a Journal Burning Ceremony sometime before 2010 (I most likely will be the only attendee). My soul, mind and body will absolutely not go up in flames with the books of self-absorbed history.

handmade life

Today I see my youthful past as necessary ingredients to who I am now and I no longer have a need or desire to look back at the details. Although I am admittedly out of whack at times, I feel solid, permanent and ready for action. I’m Ready to make history outside myself and into our world in which I’m grateful to be in. Fortunately, I grew up around a lot of nature; trees, bodies of water and small mountains in a location that experienced all the seasons in full force and color. As my experience grows I have been led by a series of events to learn a little about 5 Element acupuncture. A theory and area of natural health that seems to compliment my own unpronounced and underdeveloped theories.

Beyond having love, good people and creative outlets in my life the thing that kept me grounded on a soulful level was the awesomeness that’s right outside my front door. I have a life-long affinity to being submerged in nature as much as possible and desire to understand it enough to reap all that it has to offer. It’s the wonderful world and unexplainable Universe that inspires me to want to go beyond myself. The beauty of nature, the creatures, the many different habitats, adaptation, the humans, the chaos we create, the love, and the wonder-less peace we sometimes attain.

My homeland is a small town bordering the suburbs and country in Northern Connecticut. In those parts 5 Element Acupuncture is currently rare and unheard of. As of July 2009 there are only two listed 5 Element practitioners in CT. In fact, I can’t even pin-point (hah!) where and when my first awareness of acupuncture in general began. Recently my Father either informed me for the first time or perhaps reminded me that years ago when I was a kid he received treatments for his “tennis elbow”. After multiple sessions with an acupuncturist the stiffness and pain was gone, never to return. That amazes me. Alternative medicine is exciting and statistics show it’s increasing in it’s reach within America.

My Bachelors degree is in Business and I majored in Entrepreneurial Studies with a 2nd concentration in Psychology. I have known for a while that I want to be self-employed eventually. My vision usually tended to me working in a spa-like setting that I could design. When I was a kid I wanted to become a Hair Stylist/Cosmetologist and own my own salon, then High School and into College I thought about being a Psychiatrist owning my own practice. I chose Psychology as my major in college initially, my grades were probably the best in my Psychology classes than anything else but they began to bore me with repetition. I could not see myself continuing through undergraduate and then graduate school on that track. After being out of college for over a year I have tried my hand at sales as a marketing consultant in print media and in business administration for a large corporation. I could not work these business-oriented jobs happily for much longer. Until recently the thought of going to school again had not crossed my mind, yet I was open to finding my niche, and I believe that 5 Element Acupuncture could very well be that for me.

My life has been invigorated through wondering, following my heart and taking calculated risks in exploration of my own calling. In 2006 I studied Art History & Photography in Italy for a semester on my own. I made interesting new friends and was able to travel around the Country and Europe during this time. In 2008 I visited the Great West of America for the first time and ended up loving it and relocating myself to Santa Cruz, California for 6 months, where initially I knew nobody. During this time I began my first career-job and also traveled around the state of California. The Western states seem to be most evolved and on top of new trends in alternative medicine, and green living. My stay there was not long enough and I plan on returning ASAP. At this point things are coming together for me in all departments and my will is strong.

Even after consistently holding at least a part-time job for the most part of 9 years (since I was 15), financially, I am broke and still paying for my undergraduate school loan. Luckily I to have generous parents who care about my future enough to have payed out-of-pocket a large portion of my 5 year private University education/experience. Today my loans are not too large in comparison to what they could have been. My grades were always inconsistent and my GPA is nothing to brag about. Scholarships were never an option in my mind so I never applied for them nor received any. My direction was too unclear for me to understand which made my drive in school pretty weak. When I saw scholarship options and peers receiving them starting from senior year of High School it impressed me. It was clear to me why they deserved it and apart of me wished I had whatever they did. Not everybody is capable of reaching their true motivations at a young age, especially when distracted easily. Now my vision is more defined and my experience has shown me that I’m capable of doing anything I set myself to. I intend on working and utilizing all financial aid means possible to gain an education in 5-Element Acupuncture for my personal growth and future career. I refuse to be overwhelmed or deferred by the thought of having a potentially 6 figure school loan debt in the future.

When I researching and talking to a few Acupuncture schools (TCM) I was a tad intimidated the regimented curriculum that felt very cut and dry. That’s what led me to 5-Element Acupuncture. The broad range of body, mind & spirit approach to health is something that will keep all my senses engaged throughout the process of learning. This will be helpful for me and will probably make heavy learning less stressful because there will be a general awareness of these factors within the educational environment. My natural intuition and astute psychological sense are strengths of mine that will be built upon in this program. To harness and put to use these areas of perception in a career in the form of helping others will be remarkably rewarding for me.

After browsing school catalogs and evaluating my personal life I have feasted my eyes on a school in Seattle, Washington called Wu Hsing Tao School. This school is currently a candidate for Masters accreditation and offers full training to become a licensed acupuncturist in as little as 3 1/2 years. This endeavor will be the first big commitment I’ve ever made truly by my own will. I’m excited to learn, observe, and accept this as a journey into a career that I will be passionate about. At the very worst it will be long and strange, but no doubt it will be fruitful for me and I couldn’t ask for more.

Writing has been and will continue to be a comfortable solitude for me, a connection to my deeper self . In addition to that I hope this outlet will become useful to the up and re-coming world of 5 element acupuncture. By being a patient and active student I will ultimately become a licensed practitioner/natural healer. I’m choosing to document this personal process of learning to live a well balanced & peaceful life through 5 Element Acupuncture.

Thank You for reading.

~ C. C. K.


Early Spring 2012

Still writing for me and it still feels right! Although through this blog, for the first time, I’ve been able to put words into the public and share, which is exhilarating. Some of my blog entries from here and not from here have been submitted and published on an online publication which caters to mindful living. In general I’ve received only positive feedback for my words thus far and it feeds something in me. Perhaps its all based in my human longing for connection and to be really understood. Above that there’s something in me that feels it should be heard, something important, that’s bigger than myself. Maybe that’s what all “writers” think. Its the abstraction of healthy narcissism and transcendence.

Writing gives me that space and control to present what it is true to me. Freedom and creation. Like everything, the reader will interpret it with their own lens – that’s just fine. Editing and proper grammar are currently not a priority for me. When I write its in real time. Rarely do I spend much time in the editing process. It’s a steady though flow. Clearly editing is necessary but this is the raw form of my life right now. The growth of this blogs story and my other personal writing (which is the bulk of my writing and remains unpublished) with time is showing me a macro-life version of the micro-thought flow, it is the power of manifestation. It shows me a picture, like a puzzle – piece by piece – goal by goal. In 2009, I never actually held a journal burning ceremony. All of my personal writings are intact still.

I will write a book. It will help, entertain and inspire many people.

This pilgrimage has taken unexpected twists and turns, things are never not-interesting and life is never actually boring. The school I’m enrolled in now is the Institute of Taoist Education & Acupuncture in Boulder area, Colorado. It’s time to close out my rich experience in Seattle and relocate temporarily-permanently to a new land. This medicine permeates my life, thoughts, plans, actions and allows me to be flexible. It’s a challenge to really articulate how being on this path applies to 5E Acupuncture as a medicine, but it does. The learning of Five Element acupuncture is an oral tradition and I don’t currently desire to become a teacher per-say. However, I want to share. The ancient Chinese used characters and symbols to write, each one told a story. Characters were a poetic and whole minded form of thought and explanation. Its difficult to break our linear minds and patterns of expression. Learning the medicine is similar – it breaks our minds and expands us. Many patients of the medicine (myself included) experience similar liberation which alleviates pain, suffering and illness on different levels.

Originally the intention of creating this “write for me” post was to have something prepared for a potential scholarship or grant, which is why I explained about my financial situation and educational/work life path. However, I’ve yet to even apply for any scholarships or money sources other than said financial aid. My commitment to this process is clear and support from other sources than the government would be reassuring and very inspiring on a more personal level.

So is this where Grants could come in? Scholarships? Publishers? I’m open! And I’ll put out more energy toward it… in the coming years…


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  1. Hello,
    I wanted to write to you about something very interesting to happen to me yesterday. I watched your video blog on tumblr and it really has me thinking about myself. Is there anyway I could write you an e-mail?

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