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Capri’s American Dream

March 2, 2010



My American dream has two layers. The bottom layer is to be happy, healthy, and to be an active contributor to the constant progress happening in and around me. The top layer is to be independent, financially stable, to always have the means to support my life, to be able to purchase/invest in something good or travel somewhere when I decide to. I want this to be made possible as a result of a having a flexible (not always 9-5,M-F) career in which I can serve and help others for the better. The dream icing on these layers is to always feel a love and genuine connection with family and friends of past, present, and future.

To begin achieving this dream it’s important for me to really understand what being happy and healthy really is to me because they’re such broad terms. So what I’m coming to terms with in this process is that happiness must FIRST come from myself, “within”. My happiness is most simple and true when it is without drama, dependence, too many chemicals, and general chaos. It comes from appreciation, unconditional love toward and from anyone or thing, elemental earthly pleasures, and in having the ability to lose/find myself in vast mystery and wonders of the universe over and over again.

Being healthy has three parts- bodily, mentally and spiritually. Good health is like a strong backbone in a happy being, it is “well being”. They are all connected and effect each other in an endless cycle for better and for worse. For me it’s been a struggle to keep myself healthy on these three planes. By dealing with health, mental and deep seeded emotional issues as specific cases and zooming in on just one is far too technical for me. I want to really understand the inner workings and interconnectedness of things in a way that makes sense to me, so that I can be consistently and progressively healthy and be able to articulate my knowledge enough to be able to share it.

Finally, to see progress within me and around me means two things. 1. I want my my efforts to influence other peoples efforts to reach for their own well-being. 2. I want to continue to see Americans and people as a whole, become more conscious of their environment. To stop portraying nature as something beyond ourselves. The health and well being of our planet is not a separate issue from our own. It is reflective of us and we are reflective of it. Progress means silencing ourselves enough to listen to what the planet has to say. The earth is our middle man to the vast unknown.

In the beginning of 2010 I moved to Seattle, Washington and was accepted into a school called Wu Hsing Tao where I have begun studying Five Element Acupuncture & Psychology. My school is in a peaceful setting of willow trees, ponds and fountains within the Talaris World Campus. This is where I’m beginning to build the foundation of my dream career. Here I will be learning a way of life and system of holistic medicine that’s 5,000 years old. The law of five elements is the foundation of this form of acupuncture. The elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water and all affect and control internal organs and people as a whole. The goal of the acupuncture is to direct vital energies to restore different functions of certain organs and correct imbalances that cause disease. Wu Hsing Acupuncture differs from other types of acupuncture in that it focuses on treating the cause of the symptoms. “The science of Wu Hsing that is the foundation to this system of acupuncture brings
forth a type of psychology based on the Tao-philosophy of body, mind, spirit, soul. We find that it meets the needs of life in our society and the unique stresses of the twenty-first century.”

Seattle, Washington is a great place for me to be right now. It’s a dream in its own to have so much resources, entertainment, activity, etc. at my finger tips (or in biking distance). The climate is great in my opinion and the day to day scenery is invigorating. There are many intelligent people here, much attention to conscious living (more than anywhere else I’ve seen thus far), a great recycling system and tons of inspired artists and entrepreneurs alike.

All in all, I’m lucky to have been born into American citizenship during this particular time period. To have the choice to move to any city here without much more than a backpack, If I so choose. At the age of 24 I have so many options. I do not have to worry about packing up my belongings on a ship to a new land, or about raising a child when I’m not ready to, or having my only day to day option be what dress to where and what to cook my husband for dinner. I’m grateful for my grandparents and great-grandparents who traveled from Belgium, Sicily, France, Germany and Ireland because they saw potential in America. They spent a lot of their lives in transition, unclear of their place in America but knew that they wanted to be here if not for them, then for their family, for me.

I wish to stay inspired and hopeful now and for the rest of my days. And never forget the phrase, “row, row, row your boat…”.

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  1. March 19, 2010

    I am also drawn to Seattle for the beauty in the surrounding area, as well as the general approach to life. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the inter-connectedness of health and happiness. I also like the way you have broken down what makes you whole and happy into small pieces, focusing on the individual elements, and how they make up the whole. This is a well written piece, and very enjoyable to read. Thanks!


  2. April 4, 2010
    Marge permalink

    I am so very proud of you, my daughter, Capri.
    Love, Mom


After time and more self-realization I decided to add this to my dream, for the record. It’s only been about a year and half since I wrote that “dream” for my friends project, but I see now where I wasn’t completely authentic, unconsciously, and want to add-

Capri on September 14, 2011 at 8:09 pm said: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I added this comment to my own blog, underneath my re-posting of this… and feel it’s appropriate to also add here: “the greatest gift in this world is to love and to be loved” ~J.R. Worsley. Looking back at this dream, I wasn’t being honest with myself 100%. The truth is, as far as my dream cakes go- Love is to Life as flour is to batter. It needs to be in more than just the icing. ❤ ” However that changes my original answer, I’m not sure. Which brings to mind the importance of consistency (pun) and flexibility…. American Dream, WHAT UP! :)