After six months of planning and lining my life up I took a “leap of faith” and relocated to Seattle, Washington. I was officially accepted into my ideal school, Wu Hsing Tao,two days after arriving to the State.


Upon reading my letter of acceptance to my Mother over the phone I began to cry unexpectedly. Not only had my latest life goal been achieved but I had a sudden registration of what it meant.


My Mother, one of the loving, supportive & pro-actively helpful people I am blessed to have in my life,  listened as I read out loud and became very aware of my voice and the words being spoken.


I was standing at the bottom of beautiful stairway, one that had intrigued me enough to stop me in passing several times before, but it felt different this time. What happened on that day in that particular moment was I looked down and saw where I really was now. No longer just an admirer of this way, I found myself

firmly standing on the second step.


Date: January 28th, 2010

” Dear Capri

. . .

We know that in years to come you will always remember this time in your life as an opening of a door, entering a world of experiencing life in a different way, discovering things not previously revealed to you.


We know that you will grow as a person, grow to accommodate this new world into your life and work, perceiving, feeling and understanding nature and people at a new level. Although challenging at times, we hope that your studies at Wu Hsing Tao School will always be inspiring to you, as you become an instrument of this system of medicine.

. . . “


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